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Make Every Day A Great Day Initiative

is a Fully Developed Global Action Plan.


This Initiative is for Everyone Everywhere with a Pay It Forward Principle. It is a simple concept and addresses complicated and long standing issues.


Our goal is to bring Great Days to everyone who is willing to put in the effort to do so too — as we are all one big global community!
This Initiative is positive and results driven because everyone anywhere anytime contributes.


The Initiative is ground breaking and under guarded confidence.

By virtue of its nature, it brings together the support of professionals in public service, law enforcement, education, mental health, and more.


Make Every Day A Great Day
by its name alone is a winning slogan for sponsors and investors who support and want to implement
this plan one community at a time.


Who wouldn’t want a great day or to pay it forward to benefit others?  It’s a win, win for everyone

One glimpse into The Initiative action plan is for the law enforcement officers to give away free drinks and free food in their own neighborhood with one of our specialized marketing and social media campaigns.

The officers soon become part of the community in which they live.

What a great day it will be when we can turn our trust and respect back to the people who protect and serve us. It can be done, and we have the action plan to do it.
We apply our psychological, technological marketing and public relations and social media
campaign tools to unite communities

Safer neighborhoods create happier
families and more community growth and less crime.
Our goal is;
to create safer neighborhoods = more tourism = more revenue


Make Every Day A Great Day
will help bridge any gaps that are missing in communities across the globe, starting one city at a time.


Please remember to Pay it Forward and
share your story on our social media!

About Us

Donna Briggs, founder behind MAKE EVERY DAY A GREAT DAY,
met her team at the AMERICAN ICONS live event in Beverly Hills in 2019.
Donna, a seasoned and successful red carpet interviewer, radio host, and social influencer,
was there to honor her friend and mentor, Quincy Jones, one of the honorees.


The event, also honoring Al Pacino and Evander Holyfield, was a star-studded success under the direction of
Sandra Gabriel, Event Producer, David Alan Kogut, Creative Director, and Barbara Siegal, Associate Producer.


In 2020, when red carpet interviews halted and the world came to pause, Donna decided to connect with the team behind the live event to
develop and enhance her Donna Briggs Brand with a new website.


It soon became apparent that the Donna Briggs website was becoming  a much larger vision.


Donna and her creative team quickly embraced the larger vision of bringing this positive and action oriented message and co-created the
Make Every Day A Great Day and pay it forward initiative to a global audience.


“We can do anything peacefully and with compassion and kindness. We
need to create our own great day, even it’s a bad day for ourselves and then pay it forward to others.”

– Donna Briggs

Our Story

We utilize technology, public relations, creative, broadcast, print and digital media in a VERY unique system and sequence formula to result in bringing law enforcement, tourism and community mutual respect and understanding which will create a safer and more cohesive experience in cities across the globe.

Our Initiative
The Initiative is positive and results driven because anyone in any country and in any language at anytime is able to contribute. 
Make Every Day A Great Day Initiative is for Everyone Everywhere with a Pay it Forward Principle. 
By paying it forward and taking care of each other, we take care of ourselves and by taking care of ourselves we 
Make Every Day A Great Day for our Global Community. 
Our Mission
Make Every Day A Great Day brings together the support of professionals in public service, law enforcement, education and more. 
Our goal is to bring Great Days to Everyone who is willing to put in the effort to do so — as we are all one big global community. 


Work Hard and Pay it Forward

It is important to make it a practice to focus on others and not just ourselves. Working hard is a wonderful virtue however, giving back can plant a seed of kindness that will start with you and reflect on countless others. Lets plant that seed today and make a difference!



Cups of Coffee & Tea




Helping Hands


Gift Cards


Donna Briggs
David Alan Kogut
Creative Director
Sandra Furton Gabriel
Barbara Siegal
Associate Producer


Our Partners

We are considering a select group of corporate sponsors to support this ground breaking INITIATIVE to bring law enforcement and the communities they serve together, nationwide—peacefully, with compassion and with a bridge to communicate with each other to insure a partnership dedicated to the mutual goal to create order and respect.

Contact Us

Make Every Day A Great Day Initiative

Partnering with corporations and public service agencies, the initiative will bring communities, one city at a time, together through conversations and a ground breaking action plan.

888 MIT-GDAY - (888-648-4329)