The ABC Principle To Becoming Your Best

146 becoming the best youSo you feel discontented or unhappy with your life right now? Is there something in your life that you want to achieve and yet for some reason, unable to? These are some of the questions at the back of our mind every time we stare at the mirror and think about the ways and means on becoming the best you.

Benjamin Franklin  once said that there are only three things in this world which are extremely hard – steel, diamond and knowing oneself. It is very important that before you decide for yourself that you want to be the best that you can be, you have to know and master your own self. This goes beyond wishful thinking.

It starts with your determination and conviction to look within yourself and see for yourself your core strengths and weaknesses. Once you’ve fully understand them, then that it is the right, perfect time to follow this ABC principle in your quest to becoming the best you.



Accept that all of us in the world have imperfections. Even those famous celebrities and personalities you look up to have flaws. No matter what you do, you cannot erase the fact that we commit mistakes along the way and that, there will always be times, when we fall down the road.

But it is not about the number of times that you fail which matters. It is also not about the number of imperfections that you think you have in your body. It is about standing up again and having another go at things. And it is also about embracing those physical flaws and make them your own. You are unique. You are special. The way you perceive yourself also translates to the way on how others perceive you.



Believe in yourself. Believe in your capabilities. As we grow older, we lose some of the admirable traits and characteristics we have had when we are children. We used to dream and believe in something with no limitations or boundaries to stop us. But now, as we age, we become more and more doubtful about ourselves. The ability to believe that you can achieve you dream is the thing that separates those people who have become successful and those who have settled for mediocrity.



Channel your time and energy in achieving those goals you have set for yourself. Instead of going after trivial things that you think won’t give you any merit in the future, focus and devote yourself to doing the things that can make you grow as a person. Develop the skills you already have in you and turn those weaknesses into strengths. Time is of the essence.

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How To Achieve Happiness In Your Family

048 achieving happiness in your familyAre you happy with your family? How often do you spend time together as a family? Do you eat together as a family? If you think that lately you do not have enough time for your family because of your work, I think you need to find a way on how you can makeup to your family especially with your children. Children expect a lot from their parents especially if you promise them something. Children need the time of their parents than their money. No children can be satisfied in providing all their needs and wants if their parents do not have time with them. Now, achieving happiness in your family can be challenging especially if you are too busy with work. But if you want to make-up for your kids, there is always a way to do that. My advice to you is file for a leave.

Try to apply for a leave even just for couple of days where you can spend quality time with your kids and your wife. They need that time with you. Spending quality time with your family will improve your relationship towards each other. You will also give happiness to your kids. No amount can pay the time and happiness that your kids could get from that short moment. Many children have been deprived from this and it can affect their growth. Can you afford that your relationship with your children will be affected because of your work? Telling them you love them and calling them is not enough. You need to be there for them especially on times that they need you or on special occasions like graduation, birthday, and other achievements and awards. That would mean so much for your kids.

Giving that happiness to your kids may not be that easy on your part but I promise you it will be worth the risk, sacrifices, and your time. So, make sure that you do all you can to make-up with those times that you were not there for them. And always keep your promises because children really expect if you promise to them. If you fail to fulfill your promise it will really hurt their feelings and they will not trust you anymore, and no parents can afford that. If you love your family so much especially your children, find time to be with them even just for few hours. You can eat dinner with them. That can be the most that you can do for them in Achieving happiness in your family.

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5 Amazing Benefits Of Helping Others

Whether towards your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers or just a random person on the street, never hesitate to extend your help to those who need it. If anyone asks, smile and say you will do it. Everybody loves a helpful person, let alone a cheerful one. You never know what your little good deed might bring you in the future.

213 helping others

Helping someone randomly in the street or someone you don’t know isn’t easy for all of us. Because of the fear of the bad people lurking around, most people hesitate to even stop and talk to people they meet. I salute the persons who are brave enough to do this. Meeting a new friend is one benefit of extending help to others. You might even meet your soul mate for all we know. Another benefit that assisting others can give us is improving our life socially. It helps widen our social realms and improves our social and relationship skills. It also helps us learn more about ourselves and others. Tiny deeds like these could affect our overall condition.  Believe it or not, helping others could be healthy for both your mind and body. Activities like volunteering can help you become physically fit. It may also reduce the risk of depression. When you get to meet people with the same interests or problems, you get to form a support system for each other. Along the way, you may realize that there are people with bigger problems than you have.

When someone does something for you, either you return the favor or pass the good deed towards a third person, in the hope that he or she would return the favor towards a fourth, who in turn would help a fifth person. This builds a chain bound by “Paying it Forward.” By doing this, you may have made a person’s day without you knowing it. Finally, this feat could bring us joy that we could never explain. It entails happiness. It also gives us life satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. If you get the feeling that your heart gets lighter after you have volunteered to aid victims of a calamity, then you know what I mean.

It is, of course, a good thing to help others once in a while. However, we have to remember that not everybody is like ourselves. There are some people who make a living out of taking advantage of others. I’m not saying that they are not trustworthy. I do believe in the goodness of humanity; but in order to stay out of trouble and danger, we just have to be cautious and alert all of the time. The most important thing is if it makes you happy, then you should do it often.

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Making Yourself Successful Is Not Impossible

142 making yourself succesfulEverybody wants to achieve success in life. Success though is the hardest thing to catch. Sometimes you will feel that it is already within your reach and then you will find out later that it is still a long way to go. A lot of people spend their whole lives trying to be successful yet only a few of them succeeds. Success, however, is relative. You may have a different notion of success than those of others. You may think that being successful is getting a stable job and having a family. Another may think that success means having billions of money and being able to obtain material things with just a snap of his fingers. But whatever notion you may have of success, making yourself successful requires a lot of effort, patience and determination. The following are some ways in making yourself successful.


1. Believe In Yourself

The most important thing that you should do to achieve success is to believe in yourself. If you do not believe in yourself, who else will? Self-confidence will help you in reaching your goal. When you are confident, it shows and others will believe you and in what you can do. No one can put you down if you think that you have what it takes to do it.


2. Follow Your Heart

If you do not love what you do, you will never be successful in it. You will think of it as an obligation and something that just needs to be done rather than something which you want to do. If you are passionate about what you are doing, no one can stop you. You will have the determination and motivation which your passion gives you to attain success.


3. Learn to Distinguish When to Say Yes or No

In your journey, you will be faced with a lot of opportunities. Some will get you to the place you want to be and some will lead you to the wrong path. Knowing when to say yes or no then is important. Distinguish what opportunities you can say yes to and avoid those which will make you lose your way.


4. Think Out of the Box

Challenge the status quo. Do not settle for what the majority believes in. Find out new truths by yourself. Maybe whatever it is that you believe now will change in the future. Be the first-mover. Think out of the box and let yourself discover new things you have not thought of before.


5. Start Now

Most people do not find success because they thought that it can wait. Success will not wait for you. You have to be the one to move first and run after it. You have to start now and stop putting things off because you will only regret it in the end.

Success is not impossible to obtain. You just have to know what you should do to have it in in your hands and these tips can definitely help you.

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3 Simple Tips To Help You Improve Self- Esteem

Life is the survival of the fittest and by fittest we mean those who are fit in mind, body and spirit. To be fit in all three, you have to believe in yourself. Life is full of challenges, obstacles and sufferings and you would not survive them if you do not believe in yourself and in what you can do. You need self-esteem in every aspect of your life. It is even one of the needs in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs before you achieve self-actualization. Self-esteem is the way you look at yourself. If you think that you are a failure, you most probably will be. It is important that you have a high self-esteem to be successful in life. Here are some tips on how to improve self-esteem.

141 how to improve self esteem

1. Start within Yourself

Change always starts within one’s self. Therefore, you have to reflect on your own feelings, thoughts and beliefs to be able to change. If you have a poor opinion of yourself, ask why. What were your reasons for thinking that you are lacking in some way? What were your experiences in life that made you think like that? Recall those experiences and forgive yourself for whatever mistakes you committed. Be optimistic. Think that those things happened because you need to learn lessons in life that you probably would not learn had you not experienced those. Try to see the positive side of things and avoid dwelling on the negative.


2. Improve Your Appearance

Whatever that you feel inside, it should be reflected outside. You should improve your self-esteem by being conscious of your physical appearance. You do not need to wear expensive clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. to feel better about yourself. What you should do is to wear clothes which will make you comfortable and will match your personality. People usually feel good when they look good. When you look good, you will receive compliments from other people like your family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, etc. These compliments will then boost your self-esteem.


3. Interact with Other People

Interacting with others will be good for you. It is now time to think about other people’s welfare and not only yours. You should give back to the community and society. Contribute whatever you can to those who are in dire need of help. It is better to give than to receive as what they say. When you do good deeds to others, you will feel better about yourself.

These tips on how to improve self-esteem will guide you in being the best that you can be and in achieving success in life.

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Being Healthy Is Not A Trend But A Choice

Nowadays, being healthy is not a trend anymore but rather a choice. Being healthy is also challenging. You just don’t wake up in the morning and feel healthy. If you want to be healthy you need to work on it. You need to do some changes in your lifestyle. Being healthy is very important these days because nowadays, most people die because of sickness and not because of old age. Isn’t nice to die in old age in your bed? Because of the lifestyle that these modern generations have today, the health is affected. The foods today are not that safe anymore because of the process growing them. Most farmers use chemicals to grow their crops. Another factor is most food today contains preservatives like those frozen food and canned food.

154 being healthyAnother factor that affects the health is the exposure to bad substances. Nowadays, the numbers of people who smoke tobacco drink alcoholic drinks, and using of drugs is increasing. The sad part is most of the people who use these substances are teenagers. In some places there are even minors who are already addicted to these substances. That’s why at the young age, they are already prone to develop serious illnesses like heart problem, liver problem, lung problem, gall bladder problem, and addiction. That’s why, if you choose to be healthy nowadays, you need to be committed to yourself. You need to stick to your plan and never get yourself be influence by your peers. Controlling yourself is a big challenge and it will be that easy but it will be worth it. if you love yourself, you will not do anything to hurt yourself. Instead, you will do something that would be better to your health.

Now you see that being healthy is not a joke. If you want to live longer, you need to be healthy. Nowadays, the lifespan of people only reach in the range of 50-70. But before, people live up to hundred years because they are not that exposed to too much chemicals and harmful substances. But don’t worry because there are already remedies found and introduce on how we could keep ourselves healthy. Exercise is one of them, proper diet or healthy eating habit is another, and taking health supplements can also help with improving health. Living a healthy life is actually a blessing. We only live once and we need to make sure that we make the most out of it. We can enjoy without hurting our health.

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What Is The Definition Of Being Happy

146 being happyAre you happy with your life? Are you able to do the things that you love to do? Do you have enough time for yourself? Are you achieving your goals like the way you planned them? Are you satisfied with your status right now? These are just few of the many questions that you can ask yourself to determine if you are happy or not. For you, what does it mean of being happy? Or, what does happiness mean to you? Each of us may define happiness differently since we all have different goals, wants, and dreams. But is it really that hard to achieve happiness in this life? For me, it’s not. Our happiness will depend on the choices that we make each day. If we make bad decision of course it comes with consequences. But if we made good decision blessings comes in and we feel happy about it. Being happy means being free from any problems of life and achieving your dreams and are with the people that most care about. Let me share to you my definition of happiness.


Do The Things You Love To Do

Not everybody is fortunate to do the things that they love to do. There may be some people who are blessed with good life that their family was able to support them with the things that they love to do and be able to supply them with their needs. But for those people who belong to the less fortunate family who don’t have the means to support their passion, they may be prohibited to do the things they love to do. For me happiness may define as free. If you are free to do the things you love to do, I’m sure that you feel happy doing them.


Healthy Body

Another is to have a healthy body. If you have a healthy body, you will be able to function properly. You will be able to do the things that you love like going to work, cooking, playing your favorite sport, and hanging-out with friends and etc.



I believe that one of the top reasons that can make one happy is his or her family. Your family is one of the most important things in one’s life. Without your family, you will not be here. That’s why to be with your family is a great blessing and I know that there is happiness in the family.


Fulfillment In Life

Your achievement in life is another factor that can make someone happy. Not everybody is blessed to achieve their goals. Your achievements will determine what kind of person you are and people may see and appreciate you for that.

These are just the four factors, in general, that can make someone achieve happiness.

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Achieving Greatness: 3 Ways To Do It

065 achieving greatnessEach of us has potential to be great in our own way. But to achieve greatness, we need to work on it. We will never achieve greatness by doing nothing or doing wrong things. To achieve greatness we need to do the right things and that should start from within. Many people want to achieve their highest potentials but the thing is they don’t know how to get there. They don’t know what to do to achieve their goals in life. Or, in some point, some people are afraid to experience failure that’s why they always go to the safe side or the neutral side. You will never achieve your highest potential if you won’t risk or invest something. Now, to help you achieve your goals, here are the three very important traits that you need to have in yourself.


Believe In Yourself

You can never ever achieve greatness if you don’t believe in yourself. You need to build that self-confidence within you. Your self-confidence will help you do things you think you couldn’t do. A lot of people don’t have that confidence within them. If you notice how successful people carry themselves in front of other people? They carry it with pride and confidence because they know that they have work hard to be where they are right now. They have learned the hard way to achieve whatever achievements they have achieved. This may be hard for some especially those who have been through failures. But if you will always allow failures to rule you then you will be stock in that area and you won’t be able to progress and achieve your potential.


Work Smart & Hard

Next is you need to work smart and hard in whatever you do for your career. Many people work but most of them are just contented with what they have. If you get contented, you just stop yourself from improving. If you work smart and hard, you might be able to please your boss and might consider you for a promotion. You can get the trust of other people if you work smart and hard.


Be The Best In What You Do

The most important trait is you need to be the best in what you do. This will tell you your worth as an employee or as a person. If you are the best in what you do, people will ask help from you and they will need your skills to get the job done.

If you have these traits, things will be easier for you and guaranteed that you will be able to achieve greatness in your life without any regrets.

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An Effective Way Of Becoming The Best You

146 becoming the best youThere is no such thing as a perfect way in becoming the best you. As a matter of fact, what might work best on others does not mean to work the same to everyone else. Now, if you want to see the best you then you need to make sure that you base it in what you really need and not just on what you have seen to others. This as important as not letting others take over your happiness. At the end of the day you are the one responsible for yourself and you need to know that fact. Moreover, you might as well as go through the following suggestion on how you can be at your best.

To begin with, you need to embrace you. This simply means that you need to love yourself so that something good will come out from it. You also need to bear in mind that you are not perfect, which means you will commit mistake every now and then. Yet, it is when you forgive yourself as you commit those mistakes that you become better and happier. Another thing that you need to do is to surround yourself with positive people. You need to rise above from those negative people that may never cause you any good. Instead, you need to find those good people and eventually be the best that you can be.

Your family is also among the best source of strength and so it is important that you do everything to keep them in union. There might be times that you find fault one unto the other but it is during this time that you need to give all due respect and love. It is by love and respect that you will soon find yourself in a happy family. You may not have a perfect family; you can at least have a happy one; something that you will look forward to after long and tiring day in the office. Seeing your home with much love can be among the best feeling you can ever feel in this life.

Lastly, the word best will always be relative. What might seem to be best for others may never be best for you. No matter what you just need to stick to what you have from within because you can never go wrong with that. You just need to bear this in mind.

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Helping Others Help Themselves: For A Good Cause

Helping other help themselves is one of the greatest themes that most helping foundation wants to achieve. There are so many helping foundations that go for a mission for a good cause where they help people who are in need and also teach them principle so they can also help themselves. Like for example. There are some helping foundations that help people find job or teach them how to earn money so they help and support themselves. One of the perfect examples is the people in Africa or people who live in tribe where they only depend on nature for their survival. But helping foundations are not contented with what they see maybe because they see some potential from these tribe people where they can still do something to make their lives even better. One instance could be holding a class for children where they will be taught how to read and write. They would also know how to speak other language aside from their native language like English.

044 helping others

If you want to be a part of this great mission, you can simply offer your time as volunteer and help people that need your help. Try to help them in a sense that they would realize their worth as a human so they can also know their potential and help themselves becomes good citizen. It is really nice if you try this once in your life so you would also understand and appreciate what you have and what you are compared to these people. You can help other help themselves by simply sharing what you know and your talent. If you are good in singing, you can simply share your talent to other people and teach them how to sing, same thing with drawing, painting, or playing sports. There are so many things that you can do to help other help themselves you just need to find your passion.

But you need to make sure that you are helping them for a good cause and not for other reason. This could be challenging but it can also be fun and enjoyable especially if you see the result of your effort that you have help other people and they become better people after that. That could one of the greatest achievement that you can have in your life as a person. There are so many people who need help and they just need to be reached out.

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Tips For Making Yourself Successful

Making yourself succesful is an ongoing life long task. The first step in success is to decide what is desired. Many people float through their lives without any detailed planning.

Going to college and receiving a first rate education is a great start, but education does not equal success for everyone. Many people have created phenomenal lives for themselves with limited education or financial resources. Everyone who has reached a level of success has been completely clear in what they want to experience in life.

Example areas of success are financial, having healthy friendships, influential business relationships, romantic relationships, financial freedom, or time freedom.

Taking consistent action is necessary for reaching big goals. Deciding what daily, monthly, and weekly actions need to be made is important. Deciding on a goal and procrastinating on what needs to be done only wastes time.

Successful people are usually willing to do things that ordinary people turn their noses up to. There are many millionaires living in average cities and towns that do not have fancy houses or foreign sports cars.

Diligently saving, working, and being open to new ideas that correspond with lifelong goals can lead to personal success. Staying on track involves knowing when to say no to other people or opportunities that do not coincide with personal goals.

Everyone has their own idea of what success is. Look through magazines and cut out photos that represent the experiences desired in life. Attach these photos to a vision board that is to be viewed often.

Take time a daily basis, even if it is fifteen minutes to work towards important goals. Reading or listening to motivational or educational recordings is one way to continuously work on personal growth and education. Learning and expanding ideas and taking consistent action over time creates unstoppable successful people. Use these tips when making yourself succesful in life.

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Making Or Breaking Yourself

It can either make you feel good about yourself, have confidence, or make better decisions or it can make you feel completely worthless, decide on things poorly, or make you afraid of the world that awaits you. Self esteem has the power to make you or break you. Good self esteem will build you up tall and keep you strong or bad self esteem can destroy you from the life you live. It can help you get through the tough situations more encouraged and easier or it can make any bad situation seem like a never ending torture. Self esteem is important but there are actually many people who suffer from its lower end and do not know how to improve self esteem.

The first way to improve your self esteem is to find out what you are good at. It is said that somebody cannot be good at everything but everybody can be good at something. Finding a hobby is a great way to start to find out what you exceed at. As soon as you find what you are looking for in your skills and talents, you have something to be proud of. Everyone has at least something they are really good at and can be proud of.

The most important thing in building up your self esteem is to surround yourself with positive people. If you surround yourself with positive people, you can also feel positive. If you surround yourself with negative people, you will never hear anything good about any situation that comes up. Those who encourage you to do well and help give good advice to keep you out of trouble are the best people to stay around. Self esteem is not built overnight, however with the right time, people and attitude, your self esteem should be right where it needs to be to give you a happier life.

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Always A Hand To Reach Out To

Human beings commonly go through many struggles throughout the one lifetime they pass through. When people struggle, more often than not they look for help. The only reaction to assuage some of the pain brought on by trials is to be helped by someone with a kind and compassionate heart. Sometimes the process of helping others can be difficult. Sometimes it is difficult because the situation in which you are helping looks helpless or it can be hard to watch someone struggle as they are and you cannot tolerate so much pain around you.  If you feel down because of your weight consider using hcg 1234 as a great natural way to lose the weight.

However you help and to whatever degree you are helping someone, it takes a strong person to assist when they are called upon. It takes an even a stronger person to intervene in a situation in which they were not called on or not welcome in the first place. Those who are compassionate will risk things to help others in need or sacrifice things to help others. This will sometimes be for someone that they care for or a complete stranger. This brings up the story of The Good Samaritan. The Good Samaritan is an old biblical parable that showed the importance of helping others, showing kindness, and compassion.

The Good Samaritan was a man who was not even expected to help in his own story, yet his compassion caused a lot of love and gratefulness in the most unexpected place. The story goes that once upon a time a man was traveling along his way from time to time. He was attacked and robbed by some malevolent robbers who took everything, even up to his clothing. The man was left to die on the side of the road. While he was lying there, two people passed on after looking and just left him there. The Good Samaritan (Samaritans at the time did not have good reputations) stopped and helped the man. The man even paid for him to have a place to rest and nursed him back to health expecting nothing in return. This story lives on to teach people compassion. You never know, maybe someday someone will help you.

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The Secret To Achieving Happiness In Your Family

Everything that you set out to do, even though you may not know it, is aimed at achieving happiness. When you go to school, it is because you want to get educated, and ultimately this will give you power to get what you want. When you go to work in the morning, it is because you want to earn a living, and that will give you the power to buy what you want. Despite these daily efforts to achieve happiness, it still eludes many people. This is why the logic behind happiness is still a mystery. However, all is not lost because there are certain things that happier people seem to understand. Here are a few secrets to help you in your quest to achieving happiness in your family and other areas of your life.

Stop Comparing Yourself with Others

In life, there will always be people who are ahead of you and those who are behind you. If you keep comparing yourself to others, you will only see those who are ahead of you and will be on a constant race.

Find Satisfaction in What You Have

It is only in satisfaction with what you have that you will enjoy your possessions fully. If you are not happy with what you already have in your grasp, you will always want better and more expensive things and this is akin to chasing the wind.

Learn To Forgive

In your search for happiness, it is important to make peace with others. People who have offended you will always make you unhappy. Likewise, those who you have wronged will also be uncomfortable around you. Find it in your heart to forgive those who have wronged you and also ask for forgiveness from those who you have wronged.

Pursue a Meaningful Cause

Helping the less fortunate in the society is one of the best ways in which you can achieve happiness. When you help orphans, beggars, people with disabilities and people facing such challenges, you will live a happy life with the satisfaction that you have made somebody else’s life more bearable.

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